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Tinubu: A Presidential Disaster Waiting To Explode?

By Farook Kperogi LAGOS APRIL 10TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Anyone who has watched Bola Ahmed Tinubu closely and dispassionately can’t help but notice that the man is not well. He is a walking psychedelic calamity. His endless verbal miscues and nonverbal cues constantly conspire to construct the profile of a man who is battling a troubling internal turmoil. […]

Ayadesian Principle and Praxis of Expansionary Government

Often times, what is construed as a state’s policy, is a derivative of the leader’s philosophy and what shapes a leader’s philosophy are a combination of favourable/unfavourable political and economic circumstances. Governor Ayade assumed the leadership of Cross River at a time when the state’s economy was grappling for survival in the turbulent waters of […]

Help! Lack Of Clean Water Is Driving Up Diseases In Lagos Highbrow Of Lekki

By Michael Owhoko, Ph.D LAGOS MARCH 24TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Help! Lekki residents are exposed to water-related diseases engendered by sub-standard and unregulated sources of water supply.  Increasing cases of dysentery and diarrhea-induced pathogenic bacteria infections have sparked concerns on public health in the area. Water is an essential element in human life, and inability to have access […]

Lagos Port of Congestion, Corruption And Chaos

LAGOS MARCH 16TH (NEWSRANGERS)-The port of Lagos has long had a reputation in the shipping industry of being a headache — a hub where costly delays and other obstacles are legion. But many in the business say the gateway to the huge market of Nigeria has become even more choked in recent months, its problems […]

Int’l Women’s Day: Women As Challengers Of The Status Quo

By Dr. Abia Nzelu LAGOS MARCH 8TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Globally, March is a landmark month for women.March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD) and Mothering Sunday will be celebratedon March 14 in Nigeria, as in many other nations.Both IWD and Mothering Sunday celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women andalso signifies a call to […]

How Nigeria’s ‘Guns For Cows’ Offer Backfires With Spate Of Abducted Schoolchildren

LAGOS MARCH 8TH (NEWSRANGERS)-As a gangster, arms dealer and kidnapper extraordinaire, Awwalun Daudawa looked like a character beyond reform. Last December, he masterminded one of Nigeria’s biggest-ever school kidnappings, abducting more than 300 boys in Katsina, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari. A week later, the boys were freed, amid widespread rumours that Mr […]

Who Are The ‘Bandits’ Behind Nigeria’s Mass Kidnappings?

LAGOS MARCH 5TH (NEWSRANGERS)-For the past decade, criminal gangs in northwest Nigeria have terrorised communities, attacking villages, pillaging, raping, stealing cattle, ambushing travellers and kidnapping people. Groups have also turned to mass kidnapping, seizing hundreds of students in a string of raids on schools — apparently emulating tactics used by jihadists hundreds of kilometres (miles) […]

Tears, Anguish And Pains As 317 Abducted Schoolgirls Remain In Captive

LAGOS MARCH 1ST (NEWSRANGERS)-Humaira Mustapha made no effort to wipe away the tears rolling down her cheeks, as she spoke about her two kidnapped daughters. “Whenever I think about my daughters I’m filled with indescribable grief,” Mustapha told AFP. Seated against the plastered mud wall of her bare sitting room, her tears left damp spots […]

When Is It Better To Have Sex? Morning Or Night?

LAGOS FEBRUARY 25TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Early birds prefer to get to bed early and wake up early, whereas night owls would rather stay up late and sleep in — but do our internal clocks tick the same way when it comes to our appetite for sex? One 2015 survey from the sex toy company Lovehoney found that […]

Woman Who Was Married To Four Boko Haram Commanders Recounts Her Ordeal In Insurgents’ Camp

LAGOS FEBRUARY 14TH (NEWSRANGERS)-It was midnight when Falmata Bunu crept through the deadly Boko Haram camp in Northeast Nigeria’s Sambisa forest that had been her home for 15 months. She walked through the deadly forest for several days before finding help. Like the other girls conscripted by the militants, she had been warned that she […]

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