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2019:Why Buhari Should Be Re-Elected

By Young Erhiurhoro LAGOS AUGUST 13TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Today, so many Nigerians especially those in the opposition parties, majorly the PDP directly or indirectly attack the ruling party, APC with all sorts of attacks ranging from APC is a failed government, APC initiated herdsmen and other killings, Boko Haram insurgency, corruption, tribalism, sectionalism, unemployment, economic recession, poor […]

Representation, Authoritarianism And The Paradox Of Liberal Democracy

By Samuel Akpobome Orovwuje LAGOS AUGUST 13TH (NEWSRANGERS)-The turgid gaiety and a frenzy of cross – carpet hysteria a few days to the 2019 general elections reminds me of the most morbid nationalistic fantasies and the darkest moment of our democratic journey. Nigeria remains a divided polity, although united in elite power- play above the […]

Total Lockdown In Lagos As Trailers Take Over The Highways

LAGOS JULY 19TH (NEWSRANGERS)-The gridlock on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway in Lagos and other adjoining areas has worsened. As at yesterday, it had attained phenomenal heights. The road, at the moment, is on lockdown. The situation is quite grim. Motorists, commuters, residents of the city and their businesses are suffering unspeakable harm. Everyone is in pain. On […]

Why PDP Looses Ekiti Guber Election?

By Pelumi Olajengbesi Esq. LAGOS JULY 16TH (NEWSRANGERS)-I started my independent life by training as a reputation manager, so I probably understand public perception management and behavioural effects in a manner that would escape a casual observer. Nigerians have a way of designing stories to soothe their narrative ignoring the lessons therein. I have been […]

Genocide: Christians Under Attack In Nigeria

LAGOS JULY 12TH (NEWSRANGERS)-It’s one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian. What’s going on right now in Nigeria is “pure genocide.” Recently on BreakPoint, I said that it took a lot of courage to be a Christian in Iraq. Just two years ago, the Obama administration called what ISIS […]

Presidential Amnesty Programme: Empowering Niger Delta Youths With Quality Education

By Onesirosan Agbajoh LAGOS JULY8TH (NEWSRANGERS)-The Presidential Amnesty programme for the people of Niger Delta today, has become a Success Story and a pointer to the fact that Nigerian Government indeed is committed to addressing the aged long neglect and marginalization of the Region which has remain the economic nerve-center of the country. The Programme […]

Splits In APC Could Hamper Buhari Re-Election Bid

LAGOS JULY 5TH(NEWSRANGERS)-Nigeria’s ruling party has split after a faction declared that it no longer supports the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, threatening his hopes of a securing a second term in an election due early next year. A group of politicians who were part of the All Progressives Congress (APC) told a news conference […]

2019: The Nagging Paradox Of Authentic Leadership

By Samuel Akpobome Orovwuje LAGOS JULY 5TH (NEWSRANGERS)-The regretful narrative of episodic elections and political leadership deficit reminds me of Robert Kaplan classic entitled: The coming of Anarchy. In the book, he painted a gloomy picture of how episodic experiment in democracy, scarcity, crime, over population, ethnicity, and weak leadership are rapidly destroying the social […]

‘Buhari’s Visit To Cross River Is A Validation Of Ayade’s Giant Strides’

By Linus Obogo LAGOS JULY 3RD (NEWSRANGERS)-The story of Cross River State Rice City project can be likened to that of a budding pregnancy. At first, it bears symptoms of an onset of fever and progresses further into physiognomic changes in the carrier of the fetus with manifest signs like vomiting, nausea as well as […]

Ending Bloodbath in Plateau State, Middle Belt

By Kwamkur Samuel LAGOS JUNE 26TH (NESRANGERS)-It is sad to receive another news of massive killings and destructions of over 200 lives and millions worth of properties of Plateau state citizens. I understand similar attacks are ongoing in parts of Taraba, Adamawa, Zamfara,Kaduna and Benue States amongst others. I have been inundated with calls to […]

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