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Covid-19:Chinese City With 13m Population Pass Law Banning Eating Of Dogs, Cats, Others

LAGOS APRIL2ND (NEWSRANGERS)-A city in China has banned its residents from eating dog and cat meat with a groundbreaking new law in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Animal activists have demanded the Chinese government prohibit the consumption of pets for years, and the new accord is the first of its kind in the country.   […]

Nigeria Launches ‘Massive’ Joint Operation With Chad,Niger Against Jihadists

LAGOS APRIL 2ND (NEWSRANGERS)-Nigeria on Thursday said it had launched a “massive” joint offensive with troops from Chad and Niger against jihadists waging a decade-long insurgency in the region. The announcement comes after Chad’s defence minister said Tuesday his country had deployed forces across its neighbours’ borders to battle insurgents who killed almost 100 Chadian soldiers last month. Nigeria’s […]

I’m ‘Simple Country Doctor’ Man Who Claimed To Have Cured 100s Of Covid-19 Patients Speaks

LAGOS APRIL 2ND (NEWSRANGERS)-Last month, residents of Kiryas Joel, a New York village of 35,000 Hasidic Jews roughly an hour’s drive from Manhattan, began hearing about a promising treatment for the coronavirus that had been rippling through their community. The source was Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, 46, a mild-mannered family doctor with offices near the village. […]

Coronavirus: Russia Flies Medical Supplies To US As Death Soar Over 5,000

LAGOS APRIL 2ND (NEWSRANGERS)-A Russian military transport plane is on its way to the US, carrying medical equipment and other supplies required to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The shipment, cited by many as a public relations coup for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, began on Wednesday following a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump forty-three […]

China Reopens Markets Selling Bats, Pangolins Barely After Covid-19 Crisis

LAGOS APRIL 1ST (NEWSRANGERS)-China’s “wet markets” have reopened – selling bats, pangolins and dogs for human consumption. The move is dangerous as scientists believe that the Covid-19 causing coronavirus first lurked in a bat in China and hopped to another animal, before getting passed on to humans. Various reports suggest that a 55-year-old man from […]

California To Release 3,500 Inmates As Covid-19 Spreads Inside Prisons

LAGOS APRIL 1ST (NEWSRANGERS)-California is granting early release to 3,500 inmates in an effort to reduce crowding as coronavirus infections begin spreading through the state prison system. Lawyers for Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday told a panel of federal judges the state is taking “extraordinary and unprecedented protective measures” to slow the spread of the […]

Congo’s Former-President Yhombi-Opango Dies Of Coronavirus In Paris Hospital

LAGOS APRIL 1ST (NEWSRANGERS)-Jacques Joaquim Yhombi-Opango, former president of the Republic of the Congo, has died after contracting coronavirus, his family said. Yhombi-Opango died in a Paris hospital on Monday. He was 81. Yhombi-Opango was ill before he contracted the virus, his son told AFP news agency. He led Congo-Brazzaville from 1977 until he was toppled in 1979, […]

South Africa To Rollout Mass Door-To-Door Screening, Testing For Coronavirus

LAGOS APRIL 1ST (NEWSRANGERS)-South Africa, which has the highest numbers of confirmed coronavirus infections on the continent, will start mass door-to-door screening and testing for coronavirus, President Cyril Ramaphosa said Monday. The “unprecedented” exercise will be launched in the next few days, with at least 10,000 field workers deployed across the country of 57 million […]

Saudi Arabia Official Urges Muslims To Delay Hajj Plans Over Covid-19

LAGOS APRIL 1ST (NEWRANGERS)-A senior Saudi official urged more than 1 million Muslims intending to perform the hajj to delay making plans this year in comments suggesting the pilgrimage could be cancelled due to the new coronavirus pandemic. In February, the kingdom took the extraordinary decision to close off the holy cities of Mecca and […]

Why Florida Has Not Issued Statewide Stay-At-Home Order Amid Covid-19 Crisis

LAGOS APRIL 1ST (NEWSRANGERS) ― Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has refused to issue a statewide “stay-at-home” order to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus because the disease has not hit many areas of the state, he said. At least 30 states have issued statewide stay-at-home orders so far. Florida, among eight states with the […]

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