Rescued Yobe Student: I’ll Go Back To School If Burutai Becomes Gateman


LAGOS FEBRUARY 22ND(NEWSRANGERS)-Faiza Mohammed, one of the girls who escaped Boko Haram attack, at Government Girls’ Science and Technical College Dapchi says she will not go back to school except the Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Yusuf Tukur Buratai becomes the gateman of the school.
Faiza speaking to newsmen, stressed the need for authorities to beef up security in the school to allay fears.
According to Faiza who gave a graphic account of the experiences they went through in the process of shielding their presence from the marauding Boko Haram terrorists.
She also disclosed that one of her classmates was bitten by a snake as they tried to escaped their way through the bushes in the night to unknown destination.
The nation reports that Faiza, who hailed the efforts of their teachers during the attack noted that, “our teachers tried to keep us together. They tried their best to control us not to scatter into the bush but some stubborn students started jumping the fence to run into the bush. There were some of us that hide into nearby houses from the school”.
“I told my mother that I will not go back to that school again except Buratai is the gateman. But my sisters Daughter told me that my demands are impossible because Buratai cannot come down to Dapchi to become gateman at my school. What I simply want is for government to provide for us enough security.”
“Because of what my sister said, I will go back but if I see no security, I will just come back and study at home and write my final exams and my JAMB,” Faiza said.
Meanwhile, Yobe State Government has closed down the school for one week.

One Response to Rescued Yobe Student: I’ll Go Back To School If Burutai Becomes Gateman

  1. Amos Obi February 24, 2018 at 9:03 pm

    Truly, we are saddened by this development. Innocent girls again? Why did the military allowed such porosity in that school within that zone? Who is to be blaimed in this situation and where is the evidence of the defeat of Boko Haram in the North East?    Stiil, why was there a stop order to retreat when the military were advancing towards the main leader who has now escaped? Big questions needing urgent answer. I think and suggesting a change in the High Military command is urgent and inevitable to win the war on Boko Haram. Let a Southern be tried to take over the command and this political war of defeated BH still operating will be over.   My greatest worry now is how and who is supplying them logistics like food, fuel and armories to still move and operate if the military and security forces are not compromising? Are they spirits buying foods, fuel and weapons from the spirit world?  One day for sure all these mysteries shall be unveiled and those behind secret deals shall and must be judged by God because we are praying to a God that answers prayers. 


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