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North-South Imbalance: Nigeria In Free Fall To Self-Destruct

By Michael Owhoko LAGOS AUGUST 5TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Praying for Nigeria’s redemption from its current woes is like asking God to prevent a building with defective foundation located in the Lekki area of Lagos from collapse.  Even intercessions by bestof prayer warriors cannot save such a building. As long as Nigeria continue with its current inapt political […]

Revealed:Abandoned NDDC Scholars Sleep In Train Station, Do Menial Jobs Overseas

LAGOS AUGUST 3RD (NEWSRANGERS)-Zashaya Awele leapt for joy when she got a scholarship from the Niger Delta Development Commission in August 2019 for a master’s degree at a London university in the United Kingdom. But one year after, her joy has turned into anxiety, worry, and depression. The reasons for her condition are quite enormous. […]

Peter Obi: Game Changer Par Excellence

By Tai Emeka Obasi  LAGOS AUGUST 1ST (NEWSRANGERS)-For those who were not yet in secondary schools when HE Peter Obi became governor, you might truly have physically missed the beginning. I had already graduated from the university over a decade before he started campaigning towards 2003 gubernatorial election. But I didn’t give him a thought […]

Between Community Policing and Restructuring

By Jerome-Mario Utomi LAGOS JULY 30TH (NEWSRANGERS)-There are in the words of the sage, important limits to human relations, knowledge, awareness, and technological state, economic and financial resource availability, social and cultural exposures. Political and Socioeconomic problems which are the product of human actions and reactions are not static. They change with time and place. What is […]

Nigeria 9th NASS, Passive Constitution And Masses Poverty

By Jerome-Mario Utomi                LAGOS JULY 28TH (NEWSRANGERS)-It is globally recognized that every citizen of a modern nation is a subject of the state, and once a state is formed, the citizens formulate ethical principles or virtues to be pursued, vices to be avoided and values to be cherished-for the good conduct of the citizens. These […]

2020 World Hepatitis Day: Finding The Missing Millions

By Dr.Abia Nzelu LAGOS JULY 28TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Every year, July 28 is marked as World Hepatitis Day (WHD). It is a day dedicated to increase the global awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis and the diseases that it causes. Viral hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused by a group of viruses known as hepatitis A, […]

Nigeria, A Country Bedevilled By Ignorance, Apathy, Dicilty, Cowardice And Arrogance

Chief Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo . LAGOS JULY 22ND (NEWSRANGERS)-Fellow  ignoramus . Oh sorry I mean fellow  compatriots . Before the slip I was going to ask you   the following questions  and demand for   your sincere  answers . How many of us know the origin and  meaning of the word  constitution  ? How many […]

TRIBUTE: Peter Obi Unyielding In Integrity And Commitment At 59

By Valentine Obienyem LAGOS JULY 20TH (NEWSRANGERS)-I shall take the liberty to begin this piece with the conclusion. Today, the 19th of July, 2020, Mr. Peter Obi, the Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the 2019 elections and a Former Governor of Anambra State, is 59. I shall simply define him […]

Street Hawking, Young Girls And Menace Of Raping

By Young Erhiurhoro LAGOS JULY 16TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Street hawking as a form of marketing or trading is defined as an act of selling goods by traders from one place to another especially along streets or local markets in both rural and urban communities. This form of trading is usually carried out through vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, wheelbarrows, […]

Covid-19: Lets Call Mr Ibu To Order Before He Causes Trouble For Nigerians

LAGOS JULY 16TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Someone really needs to call the Nollywood comic actor, Mr. Ibu, to order after his recent uncensored utterances concerning Covid-19 in Nigeria, because he should know that as a celebrity, his stance on a global crisis like this is capable of causing a lot of trouble for the country. Mr. Ibu, in […]

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