Insecurity In Nigeria: Zero Effect Of Foreign Intervention And The Way Forward

 By Chief  Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo. 

LAGOS MAY 2ND (NEWSRANGERS)-Barely twenty four hours after Boko Haram  hoisted its flags in Kaure and Shiroro local government areas of Niger State about 140km to the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria’s seat of power. displacing residents in about 50 communities attaching the wives of the locals to its men,   Senator  Smart Adeyemi and  other  performers of the circus   , oh sorry I mean and other law makers of the National Assembly  put up a spectacular show at  circus,  oh sorry I mean at the  hallow chambers of the  National Assembly  for   the need of  the Nigerian government to seek help from the international community to address the insecurity in Nigeria .

For the first time,  I saw majority of our  law makers brush  aside their party differences to  put up a common front proffering solutions on how to  solve the insecurity challenges in their  father land .  Enjoying every bit of the entertainment put up by the company of performers at the circus or sorry  I mean by the  law makers at the hollow  chambers of the National Assembly   I asked myself  could this be true  act of patriotism?  Could this be the  fear  that Abuja is now  within the reach and target of Boko Haram , just barely two hours away ? Or could it be that the law makers are afraid  of the likelihood of their wives being commandeered and  assigned to Boko Haram Commanders ?

Before  I  could finish, applauding Smart  Adeyemi and company  for their  spectacular  performance ,  President Muhammadu Buhari  entered into   a virtual  meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State  Anthony Blinken  suggesting that  Washington could consider relocating the headquarters of the U.S. Africa Command to the continent from Stuttgart, Germany, to better support the fight against rising insecurity in the region .  He emphasized that the security challenges  of  Nigeria which remains a great  concern  has been made worse by existing complex negative pressures in the Sahel, Central and West Africa, as well as the Lake Chad region.  In what I see as an attempt to blackmail or cajole the United States of America, President Buhari reminded  the USA that it  set up Africom to help countries in the region tackle transnational threats and that unless the United States of America intervenes in the insecurity in Nigeria which is  Africa’s most populous country the effect of a full blown war  in Nigeria will affect the whole world. as a  result of spillover effects therefrom.  

The feeble  attempts by Geoffrey Onyeama , the Nigerian minister of foreign affairs and  the  ring maker  of the circus , oh sorry I mean the Senate President Ahmad Lawan, to seek the support of the British Government to address Nigeria’s security challenges failed.    James Duddridge the British  Minister for Africa aptly  describing  the    Nigeria’s security situation as massively complex  told Onyeama , and Lawan that no partnership would resolve the multiplicity of the country’s problems, whether it is Boko Haram insurgency or a number of other issues. He pointed out that  it’s not just about intelligence and hard security and military, it’s about societies, it’s about humanitarian support, it’s about education and development partnership.

I cannot agree more with Duddridge because the insecurity  in Nigeria today is self induced  , and self inflicted .  The only way out of the situation  is for the Nigerian government to be honest enough,  come down from its  high horse  to carry out a self appraisal of itself with  the bid of not only solving the problem but seen to be doing so  . The Nigerian government must create an enabling environment and make the necessary concessions to the international communities to avoid a zero effect of foreign intervention . 

The Nigerian government must know in clear terms that the  act of fighting  terrorism is different from the act of looting  , embezzling and squandering public funds without regards to  the welfare  and wellbeing of  her citizens , their children and unborn generations by obtaining  foreign  loans  for unproductive ventures . 

Foreign intervention  without enabling environment ,  sincerity and the political will  to fight terrorism will result in  stultifying  effect which the international community is not prepared for.  Nigerians must know the bitter truth that neither the United States of America or the United Kingdom or any of the other world  super powers, not even China are prepared to send their citizens to die in Nigeria or waste their time in any conflict without benefits . The Nigerian government  must know that her  Crude Oil is now  worthless to the United States of America and the United Kingdom in the face of green energy .  The best that  they can do  for Nigeria  is to give us arms and ammunitions  to fight our war at a  premium price of course .

The  Nigerian government and  Nigerians  must be told the brutal  truth that  no country in the whole wide world, without being disrespectful ,  not even Benin Republic can take Nigeria seriously in her fight to overcome  insecurity  when Nigeria has failed, refused and/or neglected  to  protect the lives  and property of her citizens and  would  want them to defend themselves with their bare hands against armed militia with AK 47.  We cannot be taken seriously when top government officials and the presidency are sympathizers of terrorist groups  responsible for the insecurity in Nigeria.  We cannot be taken seriously when we have terrorist as top government officials . We cannot be taken seriously when our government has refused to proscribe terrorists groups , investigate report on acts of terrorism  , arrest terrorist , prosecute them or convict them . We cannot be taken seriously when our government refuses to  disclose and prosecute the sponsors of the insurgence in Nigeria. We cannot be taken seriously when our  government negotiates with bandits and terrorists and pay them ransom.  We cannot be taken seriously when our  government knows the hideout of terrorists and refuse to smoke them out. We cannot be taken seriously when we forgive terrorists and fully reintegrate them into the society without justice and any consideration to the victims of their crime.  We cannot be taken seriously when our  government is full of bigots  and when our government  is  tribal and clannish to a fault . Look at all the  public institutions in the country , they are all being  headed and ran by a particular ethnic group of the same religion . 

How can we be taken seriously when monies meant to buy  equipments, training for military personnel ,  logistics, and for the welfare and wellbeing  of the army at the warfront is been siphon by corrupt politicians and  army officers ?  For example the sum of $1billion  taken from the excess crude account by the  government  went down the drain .How can we be taken seriously when our government refused to lay off the  service chiefs of her armed forces  and Inspector general of police and  kept them  in officer after they were long over  due for retirement even when their performance were  abysmally poor ? How can we be taken seriously when the service chiefs were rewarded for their poor performance with ambassadorial nominations and shield  from trial by the International Criminal Court, ICC for their crime  against humanity.

We cannot be taken seriously when our  government is guilty of the unabated  on going internalised, systematic and  institutionalised genocide in Nigeria today . Our Government allows Bandits, militia Fulani herdsmen  and terrorists to kill defencelss Nigerian citizen, children , women,  old   and abled bodies alike  without any consequences throughout  the country. How can we be taken seriously when we throw our borders open to economic refugees,  terrorist and illegal  alliens from all over the world to  enter into our country without profiling them ?

How can we be taken seriously when our government prefers foreigner based on ethnic affiliation to our President and top government officials to their own citizens ? How can we be taken seriously when our government is encouraging foreigners to kill its  very own citizens in order for the foreigners  to seize and occupy their land?.

 After  the whole lamentations and  wailings as the Nigerian government and her bootlicker would like to tag me   the big question is what is the way forward ? The way forward I say  is for the Nigerian government to make a u turn on its act of dishonesty, deceit ,  tribalism , clannishness , nepotism, favouritism , bigotry, medeocracy  , bigotry  , bias, marginalization  and embrace , inclusivity , honesty,  transparency  truth, merit ,  unity , justice  , peace, love  and tranquility. 

How can we be taken seriously when our law makers are not courageous enough to impeach our President for ineptness?

.The Nigerian circus or sorry I mean   National Assembly must stop confirming the appointments of  incompetent and unqualified persons  to public offices by allowing them just  take a bow and go  without proper interrogation   . Imagine how embarrassed  Nigerians are  before the whole world that  Isa Ali Ibrahim aka Pantami became the  their  Minister of Communications and Digital Economy  without being interrogated on his posture on terrorism ?  It was an international embarrassment . Another  embarrassing  and abysmal performance by the Nigerian circus oh sorry I mean the National Assembly is her confirmation of the  ex service chiefs of the Nigerian Armed Forces whose ineptitude escalated the insecurity in Nigeria as  Ambassadors despite  the  anxiety and cry  from the audience  oh sorry  I mean Nigerians . Tell  me why any reasonable person or Duddridge   will not with indignation reject the request of the ring master of the Nigeria circus or sorry I mean the  Senate  President of Nigeria for intervention in the insecurity  of Nigeria ?

The Nigerian circus oh sorry I mean National Assembly must  stop putting up  silly and clownish performances  oh sorry I mean stop  legislating on bills like  bleaching cream , under aged house wives right to vote , Ruga , the forgiveness and reintegration of  terrorist into the society , the digitalization of cow and get down with speed  to more serious bills like bills on  Fire Arms Act, the Electoral Act , the autonomy of the component parts of the country, the decentralisation   and devolution of powers, referendum,  and the  comprehensive overhauling of the Nigerian constitution if not working with the audience or sorry I mean the good   people of Nigeria to  establish an autonomous constitution and thereby giving birth to a new Nigeria.

Chief  Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo a lawyer and an activist writes from Lagos

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