Majek Fashek Is In Good Condition, Coming To Nigeria Soon-Manager

LAGOS JANUARY 31ST (NEWSRANGERS)-In this interview,Veteran singer Majek Fashek’s manager, Omenka Uzoma talks about the ordeal he went through while the singer was seriously sick..He also reveal the Singer’s present location and health status and how the family ganged up against him….

Last year, Majek Fashek was suddenly flown to the UK for medical treatment, what really happened?

We don’t pray for sickness because health is wealth. I want to use this medium to thank all media outfits, including pastors, prominent and well-meaning people and fans for the concern and show of love for Majek Fashek. I also want to say thank you to Femi Otedola who paid the bill at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Thanks also to Olamide for his assistance. I don’t have the kind of money needed to treat the Rainmaker, so the only way was to fly him out, because internationally, they will first treat you in an emergency before asking for payment.

The problem began when we came back from the US in January 2019. I later took him for holiday in Cape Town, South Africa and I noticed somethings was not right. He had to cancel shows so when we got back, we were hopping from hospital to hospital, raking up bills and he was still complaining of weakness.

How were you able to get Otedola for assistance?

It is not easy. Do you know how many big men I visited to ask for assistance? When you go to hospital today, they charge you N1m deposit and then, they refer you to another hospital and you pay N.4m for tests. It took me over three months to get Otedola. At times, I will drive and park in front of his office, waiting because I could not afford to watch this legend die. And then one day, I just got lucky as I met him as he was driving out of his office on Walter Carrington. Raising money has not been easy. 

There was a time I ran to Abuja, from Abuja to Rivers State and from Rivers State to Bayelsa before coming back to Lagos and we couldn’t see the people we were chasing, and we were just spending money. Imagine two of us flying, staying in a hotel and waiting for one big man who never shows up! Sometimes we go to the hospital but after a week, Majek Fashek becomes weak again. And one day, he told me ‘Uzo, help me, I don’t want to die!’ And I told him I will make sure he doesn’t die.

On that particular day, if I had not acted, Majek Fashek would have been dead! It was chaos. In fact, when we got to the airport, we had to make sure he was fit to travel because the airlines won’t take you if you are not. Majek Fashek shut down in-flight and I was crying. We had transit at Dubai where he almost died. I was carrying him but most people did not know it was him. I had to cover his face but singer, Waje knew what was happening because she was also on the flight. When we got to England, an ambulance picked him up and he was unconscious for another three days. Like I said, I didn’t have money but the good thing is that I secured his life in a hospital where I knew they would take care of him before asking for payment. 

The problem was that I needed accommodation. Queen Elizabeth (hospital) will not wash his clothes or cook for him, so I needed accommodation. People called for fund raising and I said no, Majek is unconscious and he does not like fund raising. Before I knew it, some people started writing that they are the ones managing Majek Fashek and they started a fund raising for him, but we have never done that before, so I had to stop them. However, we needed money for logistics, which is very expensive, so I spoke on Channels TV. I needed to pay for short let, transport and feeding, and change of clothes and all that. And they requested for my account. That was when some people just came up claiming to be Makek’s family because they heard Otedola had given me money. They started bombarding me with emails. I have never seen such barbarism in my life.

The news was everywhere and none of these people came out when Majek Fashek was sick. They were writing mails and the hospital started having problems with me, that I am not Majek Fashek’s relative and I was like ‘what is going on here? I brought this man all the way from Africa. I rescued him from the jaws of death and somebody is saying trash!’ They started harassing me, ‘where is Majek’s property? Where is his money? Where are his cars? He has this and that. Where is the money Femi Otedola gave you? Where is my account?’ Even a nurse in the hospital confided in me that she was shocked at what I was going through. 

She told me that his family were working against me because they believed that there was some money somewhere, so I should be careful because they were planning to jail me. It was then that our friend and benefactor, Captain Hosa Okubo called me up and said, ‘Uzo, what is going on?’ I told him and he sent me 5,000 Pounds which covered the accommodation and money I was owing in Nigeria due to Majek Fashek’s treatment. So, I had to offset the bills but the family pounced on me, saying ‘no, it is Majek’s money; I should give it to them!’

We were planning to have a meeting on a Friday but they chased me from the meeting. They said I was not a part of their family. They took me to one house and kept interrogating me. ‘What about his money and his cars’. The truth is that his biological children were not involved and his wife has been very sympathetic to my plight.

Did you know any of the family members?

I don’t know them except the one from Belgium and that is the only one Majek Fashek eats her food. Her name is Iyobosa; they are very close. 

One of them mistakenly confessed that when Majek was making money, nobody saw him. His mother did not allow them access to him and I was wondering why all this scandalous talk when the man was still sick in the hospital.

 I was infuriated and at some point, the hospital did not trust me anymore and they barred me from coming there and I could no longer see Majek Fashek. And I asked ‘why?’ They told me that the family sent emails that they don’t want me anywhere near Majek Fashek. However, the security at the hospital invited me for a meeting and I was informed that they had done a background check and found out that Majek Fashek and I have bonded, and without me, Majek would not have gotten treatment and they warned the family to leave me alone henceforth! 

That was how the issue was resolved. All this while, Majek was not strong enough to talk, so you know what he told me? He said ‘Uzo, when I am okay, I will speak. I know what is going on’. And then a few days later, he said to me again: ‘Uzo, the worst is over, I am not going to die anymore’. We actually thought he was going to die. He even prayed for me that the wicked will not hurt me.

 I sent a message to the son that he must come and they were trying to cause confusion but the son was not interested in their shenanigans. All he wanted was for his dad to be okay. He said ‘Uzo, thank you for helping my dad’. He and his mum were the only people that were happy with me. I was the one that reunited Majek with his family. After they realised that they (family) had failed, they changed tactics and said they wanted to meet Otedola to thank him including all the big friends that supported Majek, that I should give them their numbers.

How is Majek now?

He is fine. Right now,, he is with his family in the US, but he is undergoing therapy. Let me use this opportunity to state the fact that I am the manager of Majek Fashek. Anybody that does anything on behalf of Majek Fashek is a fraud.

 I want Nigerians to know that whatever they want to know about Majek Fashek, they should confirm from me, not even his son. His son is in charge of his health and I am in charge of the brand. 

Majek is in good condition. I am optimistic that Majek is coming soon and he is sending his greetings to all his fans and the media, and he really appreciates.

I want to use this medium to declare to Nigerians that 7th of March is Majek Fashek’s birthday and henceforth, it would be celebrated every year as his official day. On that day, Majek’s fans should dress like him and play his music all through. From next year, we will start doing the concert. Majek will be in Nigeria soon.

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