Types Of Organizational Politics

LAGOS SEPTEMBER 11TH (NEWSRANGERS)-Politics is part of the life that we live in, inthe sense that everything that we do has a little bit of politics in it. Be it we are at church, playing online casinos south Africagames or at home and even in the organizations that we are part of, there will always be a bit of politics. That is why you need to make sure that you keep yourself well informed on that matter. And if you are a CEO or you arenew to a company, we want to introduce to the four types of organizational politics.

Types of Organizational Politics

What you need to understand is that these four quadrants of organizational politics are only metaphorical. However, you will see as you continue to lead the organization that they exist. That being said, the four typesof organizational politics are the woods, the high ground, the weeds and the rock. Allow us to break then down briefly below.

The Weeds: Dealsmainly with personal influence and informal networks. As a leader these can work in your favour and the and also bring you down. Therefore, to handle it you need to how the informalnetworks are at play within the organization.

The Rocks:These are more formal, in the sense they deal with set titles and roles within the organization. To managethis you need to be able to relay on the formal source of power rather than fight them.

The High Ground: Here you are dealing with the structure of the organization like au online casino and the formal authorities. The rules that help to keep everyone in check. As a person in power, these can work in your favour.However, should you find yourself in a fix, you can use feedback to see what needs to go and what needs to stay.

The Woods: The woods are the hidden structures within the organization or the grey areas.It’s easy to get lost in the woods and to navigate this areayou need understand the political terrain as whole. That way you are able to shed light on the issues.

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